Welcome to the links section. This is a short colllection of links that I think are well worth your time.

There are more links coming, I just have to go through and make sure none of them are dead. If you want to add a link, send me an e-mail. I like yaoi, non-yaoi, anything! And if (for some odd reason) you want to link here, use http://reflection.populli.net/ for now.

Esoteric Expression
Anoni's site.


Song of the Mystics

Song of the Mystics, my friend BlueDragon-sy's site! OMG, this girl is so talented! She writes original fiction (check out Shadow Claw!), draws in anime style, and even composes RPG music!! GAH! *falls over*


Chosen, My friend RavenPirate's site.This girl is also very talented!! Her orignal fiction story called Chosen is breath-taking. It has a myriad of characters, ranging from the human character Nicole, the winged demon Rowan (who is MINE!) , the gorgeous, deadly Kiran--who needs no introduction, and Traven--the gorgeous villain we all love to hate. *grins* Go.There.Now.

The Crystal Maiden

The website of C.M. Tryst, an amazing author whose stories need to be read to be believed! Her story Cat's Eye is marvelous, and her site also houses other stories by her away from the annoyance of ff.net formatting. ^_^