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Welcome to Reflection. This is a site primarily dedicated to Mariel Yuy's (the webmistress) original fiction, called Once Out of Nature, but also hosts a few stories that the webmistress thinks should be shared with the rest of the online world.

This site also features Mariel Yuy's fanart: Do NOT use without permission, but if you ask, I'd glady give your permission to host my fanart anytime!


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Once Out of Nature- by Mariel Yuy
    Summary: Pulled into a world of magic and demons, two teenage girls fight to stay alive with the knowlege that they have unleashed a cold-blooded killer with their latent magical abilities.

The Sorcerer seeks to destroy the world in his quest for vengeance. Two half-demons, their mind reading mentor, and the mysterious Arani are the only ones who can aid the girls in their struggle to get back home.

    When the Millennium is not dead, but dying
    The Dragon will rise and cast the land into Darkness
    And the People will walk in fear of Death's hand.

Distortion of an Alchemist (DOAA)- by Stylophile
Harry Potter slash fic (meaning male/male pairings, slash, yaoi, etc.)

Summary: They say no-one understands you as well as your enemy. Harry and Draco hate each other, but when hate and lust collide, nothing is allowed to get in the way, and the results are usually explosive.

Chosen- by RavenPirate
    Summary: Nicole gets kidnapped from the Night Club with her two best friends and is taken to a whole different world, where the ocean is made of sand and the grass is blood-red and rather sharp.

    Then she and all the other women who were kidnapped are led into a cellar at the bottom of a huge castle, which is inhabited by winged men, anthropomorphs, shape-shifters, many things.

    Once she and her friends have been sorted into groups by eye color, Lord Traven approaches them and explains his wife is in need of human blood, female human blood, to live.  The richness of blood is sorted by eye color.

    But there is also a law that every man should have a wife to help run things. After much ado, Traven decides to make Nicole his "play" wife until his real wife dies, and then he shall marry her for certain.
The rest of the story deals with a lot.  Kidnapping, rape, love, angst, lust, incest, murder, torture, honor, the good stuff. 

Shadow Claw- by BlueDragon-sy 

Roleplay (beware of mild spoilers)- by Anoni
Gundam Wing AU (alternate universe) fanfiction

    Summary: On one hand, there were six youths of noble birth; on the other, there was a lone girl working for a living in street taverns. A headache, a spilled drink and a strange twist of fate brought her to the Grounds in time to see a malicious attack on the Journeyman Elementalist named Heero Yuy. By the time events slowed down once more, the girl was happily settled as a trainee at the Elementalist Collegium.

    Two years later, Prince Milliardo of Sanq and his conpanions returned from Zolte night celebrations to find the palace burnt, their friends and monarchs murdered and their country seized by Oz. The seven escaped into the night and hid, vowing revenge as they headed north towards the Fort Ranges between Sanq and Oz. Thus, the Windriders were born.

    The journey led to shocking discoveries of slaughter, each of which revealed more and more of the ruthlessness of Oz. The enemy, in turn, grew increasingly wary of the black-clad Windriders who had declared themselves protectors of Sanq. However, as the prince and his companions met and allied with gypsies, mercenaries and clanfolk, they began to hear stories of seemingly disconnected events that bore disturbing similarities.

    Was Prince Treize of Oz and his dying father really responsible for the multitudes of deaths? Or was there some other force behind the impossibly powerful attacks on Sanq and its people?

    And if there was, what was it, and could anyone be strong enough to defeat it?

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